January 2017

Fashion Revolution Week in Luxembourg

Very important topic: who made my clothes? As part of the Fashion Revolution Week, you can find my products on the market at 29th April, 11:00-18:00 at Rotondes…

Business cards

I create my simple business cards by stickers with my logo put on paper waste. As all information and contact details can be found on my website, no…


For those who love reading. Make the experience more unique with re-cycled paper bookmarks. No limit with colours and size.


These bags can be used to store any household items.


Handbags are bigger and more elegant than clutches. You can use them in theatre or parties.

Beauty cases

These bags are bigger than clutches. You can use them as beauty cases or holder for other items.

Financial Times collection

These bags are made from Financial Times newspaper. It has a solid peach background which gives a vintage outfit.


Colour cordinated clutches to store your make-up, mobile or other personal items.


Ombre clutch with selected colour pieces. Darkest at the bottom, lightest at the top.